Nutritional meals with no frying and zero trans fat, but the same taste, appearance and consistency of fried foods
  What’s New?

Industry leading cooking technology

As part of our commitment to continuing improvement, we searched the market for an advanced cooking technology that could:

meet new nutritional standards
meet taste expectations
significantly reduce energy costs

We have concluded that the best choice is a Combi Oven Steamer, an advanced technology that employs the cooking power of gentle steam while handling both high and small batch needs.

The unique crisp and tasty feature makes possible the preparation of fast-food favorites, such as french fries and chicken burgers, with no frying and zero trans fat. Moreover, Combi-prepared foods have the same taste, appearance and consistency as fried foods – so for the first time, there is no trade-off between taste and nutrition.

See the photo for an example of a Combi Oven Steamer that is representative of the model we intend to purchase for our hospitality, catering and food service operations.

This commitment to making a major investment in advanced cooking food service technology is another example of our willingness and ability to meet and exceed your standards and expectations.



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